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Moldebadet is an indoor waterpark located in beautiful scenery amongst the fjords and mountains of Romsdalen. Whether you visit for the purpose of wellness and relaxation, health or sport and play, we aim to meet the need of all guests at Moldebadet with a wide range of facilities and options. We want to contribute to the health and well-being of the region's population as well as offer a great place for tourists and visitors.

Sports pool with family slide in the background 


Sports pool: The sports pool is 25 meters long and consists of swimming lanes as well as a diving tower. It holds a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. The sports pool is also used for swim training for children and adults, and some lanes are therefore unavailable during some swim school classes. However, we do our very best to meet the needs of independent trainers, and aim to keep at least one or two swim lanes free at all times.

Family pool: The family pool (31 degrees Celsius) is where the water is shallow enough for children to learn how to swim or have fun with the water fountain, but also where the more experienced kids can play in our flow channel and climbing wall.

Baby/children's pool: We have a smaller pool with shallow water for the youngest children and babies (33 degrees Celsius).

Wellness pool: The wellness pool is a heated swimming pool (34 degrees Celcius) in a silent area, closed off by glass walls. It is a great place to relax, but also perfect if you are using swimming to recover from an injury or health issue. We use the wellness pool for different courses like baby swimming and water gymnastics.

Jacuzzi: We also have a Jacuzzi at Moldebadet, situated close to the windows with views over the fjord (38 degrees Celsius).


Diving tower

Diving tower: There are three different diving boards in the tower, a 1 meter, a 3 meter and a 5 meter high board. If any diving board is closed, please do not enter - ask the lifeguards and they will open access if possible.

Slides: Moldebadet has two slides. The first one is called the family slide and is 72 meters long, and runs around the sports pool - this slide is open for anyone. We also have a slide that runs in a spiral. This slide has an age limit of 10 years.

Sauna: Both the women's and men's changing rooms have saunas.

Ticket system

At Moldebadet we operate with a ticket system designed to make our guests as comfortable as possible. Upon purchasing a ticket you get a bracelet that contains your ticket information, e.g. whether you are a child or an adult and whether you have a year membership, a punch card or a day ticket. This bracelet is used for entrance and exit (only one entrance for each bracelet), as well as for your lockers. If you wish to make a purchase in the café located inside the swimming pool area, you use your bracelet. Your purchase is registered in our system, and upon leaving you pay at the register in the reception before exiting. We have a color system for our bracelets so that our lifeguards can tell our guests apart. We operate with one color for children aged 0-9, one for children aged 10-18 and one color for adults.

We only sell single tickets for day visits and punch cards, and there is no group or family discount. If subscribing to a year membership we have a family discount.

Cafe Moldebadet

There is an independently run café at Moldebadet, accessible both in the reception area (no need for a ticket) and inside the swimming pool area (have to buy a ticket to get access). The café offers a varied selection of food, including baguettes, salads, burgers and pizzas, in addition to ice cream and different beverages.

Celebrate your Birthday at Moldebadet

We offer children the opportunity to celebrate their Birthday at Moldebadet, where parents can purchase a combo ticket for swimming and food for the Birthday child and all guests. Parents of the Birthday child get free tickets, any other adults accompanying must pay like a normal guest would. If the children are under the age of 10 there must be at least one adult accompanying every third child.

Spa and Gym facilities

Moldebadet is located in the same building as Bris gym and physiotherapy and a spa - Klinikk Hud og Spa. The gym is on the second and third floor, while the spa is on the fourth floor. We are all independent from one another, but there are options available for combo tickets. Ask in the reception for further information.

Bris: http://www.bris-trening.no/
Klinikk Hud og Spa: http://www.klinikkhudogspa.no/CMS/Default.aspx


If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact our reception.

Phone: +47 71 11 19 80
Email: bestilling.moldebadet@molde.kommune.no
Address: Gideonvegen 1, 6412 Molde (we are located right next to the football stadium Aker Stadion and Scandic Seilet Hotel).



  • Showering: Everyone wants to swim in clean pool water! Therefore
    everyone must shower thoroughly, with soap before putting on
    swimwear. Remember to wash your hair before you enter the water.
  • Only swimwear may be worn in the swimming pool
  • Swimming in underwear is not permitted.
  • Long hair must be tied up using hair bands or a bathing cap (for sale
    in Aqua)
  • Anyone who may be carrying any infection of any type is not allowed in the swimming pool.
  • Bandages must not be used when swimming
  • Remember to shower after using the sauna
  • Babies and small children who normally wear diapers must always
    wear specially-made swimming diapers when in the swimming pool (ask reception)
  • Any unhygienic practices of any type in or around the swimming pool
    area are forbidden.


  • Children under 10 years are only allowed entry to Moldebadet when accompanied by an adult over 18 years, who must supervise at all times
  • We recommend that the child wears inflatable armbands as additional security. Children aged 10 years and over are only allowed entry to Moldebadet by themselves if they are competent swimmers.
  • All swimming is at your own risk and responsibility
  • The lifeguards are here to monitor the areas, to assist if anyone is in difficulty and to provide qualified first aid in the event of an accident
  • For your own safety and for the safety of others, do not run around in the pool area
  • Jumping and diving from the side of the pools is forbidden. Playing on the side of the pool, pushing etc. can be dangerous and is uncomfertable for others
  • Small children may react to the high temperature of the water in the jacuzzi
  • Only pool attendants are allowed to open the water slides and the diving Tower. Please show consideration for others when jumping/diving. Only one person at a time
    is permitted to jump/dive

If you require more information about our facilities or have any questions, please contact our lifeguards or service personnel.

Rules and regulations:

  • Only those who have purchased a ticket are allowed in to the pool area
  • Food and beverages brought from home must not be consumed at Moldebadet
  • Purchased food and beverages must only be eaten in the cafe area
  • When you have finished eating/drinking all packaging and paper must be disposed of in the waste bins
  • The wellness pool is a quiet zone. We request that everyone respects the regulations in the quiet zone, as well as fellow guests
  • Moldebadet is a smoking, snuff (tobacco) and chewing gum free area
  • Intoxicated people will not be admitted to the swimming pool area, anyone who does no uphold these regulations will be asked to leave
  • Breakable objects must not be brought in to the facility
  • Swimmers must lock their valuables in the lockers provided and keep the key band safe
  • When you leave Moldebadet the locker must remain unlocked.
  • The use of lockers and the shoe rack is at customer's own risk
  • The use of snorkels and flippers is not permitted
  • All those who visit Moldebadet must follow the instructions and guidance given by our personnel. The regulations apply to all visitors. We reserv the right to refuse admittance to anyone who cause disruptive behaviour and/or offend others
  • We ask that guests, in their own interest and in the interest of others,
    ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy Moldebadet
  • Moldebadet cannot be held responsible for damage to swimwear or for loss of property
  • Towels must be removed from the shower and changing rooms and placed in the designated shelf system
  • NB! The pegs in the shower must only be used when showering
  • All guests must leave the pool and shower 30 minutes before closing time